Business Continuity  - Floods

Floods, can occur in may ways...

Floods are one of the most common, and most costly, of natural disasters. Preventative actions can help to protect your business, ensure the safety of your employees, minimize damage to your property, and speed the recovery process.


Knowing your business has strategies in place to help cope with a natural disaster like a flood should make it easier for your business to minimise losses, maintain business continuity and recover quickly


Business continuity is about preparing your business to manage any disruption to ensure services to customers continue. A business continuity plan sets out your arrangements for managing disruptions.  It helps you to anticipate, prevent or prepare for disruptions -and recover from them.  Propoer planning includes


  • Knowing your risk

  • Conducting a Business Impact Analysis

  • Development of Continuity Strategies

  • Identifying Communication needs

  • Implementation of the Plan

  • Review and Testing

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