When it comes to healthcare the term “BCP” has two different and unique meanings.  While we do not address the challenges of “Better Care Planning”, we are an industry leader and expert in the area of healthcare “Business Continuity Planning” with an added practice for HIPAA compliance. 



Healthcare providers must be ready to treat every patient they receive.  To do so, they need mission-critical applications operational and corresponding data available. Their patients demand it, and really don’t care that you had a flood, fire or other catastrophic events.


Continuity Dynamics recognizes that business continuity planning is crucial to quality patient care.  Hospitals, Doctors Offices, and other Medical Facilities centers cannot accept any loss in patient care.  A small doctor's office (for example) burns to the ground… How does that doctor run his practice? A Hospital has a fire sprinkler break in their IT department and flood the center.  Is the patient on life support in room 362 not going to receive vital care?  In any other business, downtime costs money. For healthcare providers, downtime can slow diagnosis, limit treatment options or it can literally mean life or death.


Healthcare providers demand cost-effective, reliable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.  Our consultants know are experienced in building a business continuity solution that will accommodate from the smallest to the largest healthcare organization.  With the added HIPAA certifications, we will assist you in planning that will meet the privacy regulations in securing sensitive patient data.


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