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Integrating business and human resources planning is critically important in all organizations, and is often challenging in large and complex operations.  However, integrating business and human resources planning is fundamental to delivering on business goals in tough times, as much or more than it is in good times.


The human resources implications should be clearly elaborated in terms of the number, occupational group, cost, and duration.  Planning that integrates people with business goals is both indispensable and simple in its intent. To do it well, an organization must be clear about its business goals and the human skills and capacity needed to achieve them. Once any gaps in the current workforce are identified, there are three possible approaches to closing them: redesign the work, develop new capacity in existing staff, or hire more people. Crafting this balance and designing how to execute it, is the bold ambition of integrated planning.


Applying shrewd, thoughtful, and honest analysis can create new choices for success. For example, in a time of uncertainty, individual units cannot afford to take risks. Yet, a department as a whole can pool risk, and restructure with confidence the way in which it does things, attracts talent, or redeploys staff. Integrated planning represents a shift from filling the vacancies of the moment to broadening choices with engaged people doing the right work in the right place at the right time.


Having a well-considered plan also reduces the temptation, in a time of tight resources, to implement simplistic solutions whose long-term impact would be detrimental to both employees and the business.


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