Business Continuity  - Hurricanes

What did we learn from Hurricane Sandy?​

No one can predict when or where a hurricane may make landfall, but the impacts are potentially enormous. Approximately 53 percent of Americans live within 50 miles of a coast and this will likely increase given the popularity of the hurricane-prone Gulf and Atlantic coastlines. According to AIR Worldwide, the insured value of all coastal property from Maine to Texas was $8.9 trillion in 2007, up 24 percent from $7.2 trillion in 2004.


Unlike earthquakes and tornadoes, hurricanes generally do not strike without warning. This means businesses may have a limited amount of time to verify and check critical elements of their disaster plan. However, it is always a “best practice” to update and rehearse all plans on a regular basis.


Understanding and acknowledging risk, deciding to do something about it, and building employee buy-in and commitment are all people-centric undertakings.

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