Business Continuity  - Pandemics

We are one Bio-Terror away from a disaster!

Is it necessary to plan for a Pandemic?  In some ways, yes. Traditionally, most business continuity plans focus on what will happen if the building, equipment, products or services are damaged in some way. The plans also tend to assume that people will be able to return to the building, or begin rebuilding, almost immediately after the event (such as after a fire or storm, or if there is a utility shortage (hydro, gas, etc).

However, during a serious infectious disease outbreak, such as a pandemic flu, you must plan for the employees being unable to report to work (not damage to the building). In addition, during a pandemic, businesses, social organizations or schools may be required to take unique measures to help slow the spread of the
illness including being closed by order of the medical officer of health or public health officials. Other public health measures may include limiting or canceling social and public gatherings, stopping public transportation, requiring quarantines, etc.

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