Business Continuity  - Active Shooter

For several years, Continuity Dynamics, Inc. has been providing training for schools at all levels and businesses globally to help prepare them for the eventuality of safety compromise at their premises.

While CDI has conducted training in CT, NY, NJ, DE, VA and other U.S. states, no one can really understand how the tragedies that have affected many areas had occured. Today, many schools, companies, communities and local authorities are banding together to train for the possibility of such an event. Private- and public-sector collaboration is critical as everyone must work together to create a single, effective, coordinated response.

For example, at one of our middle school training programs in the Southern CT/NYC Metro area, we not only had the school staff, officials, administrators and supply chain partners in one training session, but we also invited local authorities. We invited police, fire, EMS and others to attend - and they certainly did attend.

We continually strive for excellence while going above and beyond the requirements that are set by regulations or industry organizations. There is usually no room for error and everyone needs to work together.

For Continuity Dynamics, Inc. and most others in our industry, this is a very tender subject to discuss. While we value greatly the sanctity of living either on Main Street or on Wall Street with the same safety and peace of mind of generations past, unforutunately, almost every day there is an incident. No one expects it to happen to them, but it happens.

We urge all organizations to take the steps necessary to include safety, intruder training, violence training and other such disciplines into their planning.

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