Readiness Associates, LLC (RA) delivers complete health, safety, preparedness, and business continuity services to assure that Fortune 1000 companies and healthcare organizations are ready for disasters and emergencies, while also being compliant with CMS regulations. Their strength is in their network and experience and focusing on customized workplace training, preparation, prevention, response, and more. Readiness Associates' core mission is to ensure that any organization, especially healthcare organizations nationally, are CMS compliant while preparing teams and their families to be: Safe. Ready. Prepared.

The Stephenson Disaster Management Institute is proud to announce Continuity Dynamics, Inc., and international risk mitigation firm based in Basking Ridge, NJ & Wilmington, DE, as the first partner for its Center for Business Preparedness (CBP). The CBP was established in 2012 to bridge the gap between academic research and business operations. Specifically, the Center will focus on applying proven business management techniques to the challenge of disaster preparedness and community resiliency. Continuity Dynamics, Inc will provide leadership to help.


Covington & Associates, LLC is a Continuity Dynamics Strategic Partner.  The company manages all of the marketing efforts for Continuity Dynamics, and ensures that we are building our brand Strategically and Dynamically. 


Covington & Associates, LLC Provides:


  • Marketing planning and Services

  • Automated Availability Management Software - "AvailabilityGuard"

  • Business Continuity Consultants

  • HIPAA Planning and Consultancy, and;

  • Information Technology Solutions


Leveraging the added staff allows us to meet the growing challenges in a variety of domestic and global markets.