Business Continuity  - Tornadoes

Tornadoes are distructive, and come without warning.

Recently, powerful tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma over a 12-day period, leveling buildings and killing more than 40 people in the process. Among the victims were 10 children, seven of whom were killed when a twister stuck an elementary school in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.  



The damage left behind in the aftermath of these acts of nature reinforces the need for organizations to incorporate comprehensive natural disaster management policies and procedures in their business continuity plans.  Often times, however, security managers become so bogged down in the minutiae of every day operations that their enterprise risk management plans are neglected, rarely ever being updated of practiced.



Natural disasters are part of what you do when you’re doing any kind of risk assessment on a business.  One of the most frequent issues we see in organizations is incomplete risk management plans.


Companies have good intentions and they start these plans, but they don’t finish them because they get sidetracked by some other thing.  These plans need to be updated and/or revised every year at minimum,

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