Business Continuity  - Winter Storms

What do you do if Snow crashes in the roof of your Data Center?

Severe winter weather can lead to property damage, employee illness or injury, and possible business closures. Preparing before the storm can help you protect your employees, minimize damage and recover quicker following a winter storm situation.


On average, the United States has roughly four catastrophic winter storms annually with storms occurring most commonly in the northeastern United States. Being prepared is key, in some ways, winter storms can be the most challenging weather systems because they spawn so many types of emergencies.


Blizzards, electrical storms, hail, high winds, ice, sleet, and snow can contribute to communications failures, power outages, and risks to your buildings. Storms also lead to many driving accidents and you can lose critical personnel to injuries from slips and falls.


You need to prepare for all events that may occur, from damage to buildings to your business to your people. All three need to be part of the plan and part of the testing of your plan. As companies strive to meet the demand for continuous service, they expect 24/7/365 availability. However, the average organization’s requirement for recovery time objective (RTO) from an outage now ranges between two and 24 hours.


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